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Thank You Kung Fu

I wanted to write a book retelling the past eight years of my life, but I could't find a publisher who would partner with me to print it. The secular publishers said there was too much "God talk" and the christian publishers said there was too much "drunk talk." Each of the publishers said they could budge, but only if they could cut out "certain sections." I refused. This was my story and I wanted it to be told exactly as it happened, from arguing with doctors, to world-ending prophecies, to divorce proceedings, to drunken nights, to somehow stumbling across a new love that led to my perfect family.

My last option was to start a Kickstarter Campaign and raise the money needed to fully tell my story. On July 23rd 2015, I completed my campaign and raised over $41,000. I took the next eight months to complete my book and it will be available for purchase in Winter of 2018.