In 2009, I was diagnosed with a grade II oligoastrocytoma: a terminal brain tumor allowing me five to seven years to live. In 2017, I outlived my initial prognosis and determined I would help those suffering from cancer. I created the Bent Not Broken Gathering by bringing together educators to discuss conventional and alternative treatments, as well as inspirational speakers currently fighting cancer like Sarah Thebarge and Lisa Thompson, and musicians like Ralston Bowles. Each of them will encourage our cancer survivors with their unique view of the disease and the creative ways they are fighting against it. If you are currently dealing with cancer, please consider joining our gathering and attend Bent Not Broken.

In 2010, I created a consulting agency, RobinHood Ink., where I serve as an Idea Architect. I create blueprints to build your ideas and construct your reality. Working with a wide variety of clients, I create projects including meaningful short films, magazine articles, ghostwrite full-length books, and develop web site content. Previously an owner at Dot&Cross, we were integral in the success of NOOMA, Trombone Player Wanted, Josh Shipp, The Prodigal God, The Art of VisionBASIC, and Blessed Earth. I also concepted and led writing for The Teen's Guide to World Domination, Jump Ship, UnThink, and multiple TED talks.