Bent Not Broken

After surviving terminal brain tumor, being dragged through a miserable divorce, and struggling through an unplanned pregnancy, David felt his life was completely broken. But through this painful process of seizures, heartbreaks, and failures, he has discovered that everyone, in their own way, is bent, but no one is ever truly broken. Speak with David to learn more about his message and how it can give your audience strength in their struggles and hope for their futures.

Purchase his book at and learn about his nonprofit organization at All donations to hear David's presentation will benefit Bent Not Broken, a certified 501-(c)(3) organization, and are tax deductible.

Speaking Details:

  • Available for schools, universities, churches, conferences, and corporations
  • 30-60 minute presentations customized to meet your needs
  • Speaking fee is negotiable regarding the purpose of the event
  • Email me for more information and to discuss next steps

Contact David here.

Audience Reviews:

“I love your transparency, your courage, your commitment, and your love for God. Thank you for being humble and allowing God to use you. He sure used you right this moment to open my eyes and heart. GREAT message!” - Gina

“David… you were a league above the rest at the Story Conference. You have an amazing story and are an inspiration to all. Thank you for the message you shared today.” - Drew

“You are amazing. Just amazing. Thank you for being the vessel that God has asked you to be and for reminding us of what is really important.” - Molly

“This morning I was blessed by your story in the Torch magazine. God bless you, brother. He blessed me through your testimony and your faith. I believe God is already using you to touch the lives of many people. Your perception into what you are going through and your spiritual response is immensely inspiring. I look forward to reading of the complete realization of your miracle.” - John

David, you don't know me but you have changed me. Your story, your faith, your pushing past what the world would say is a hopeless cause and instead placing your faith, hope, and trust in Jesus has changed me. You are a blessing to the Kingdom!”  - Rebecca

Thank you David. Your transparency and message about living out once we receive the "Urgency Call”. Your testimony strengthened my Faith and encouraged me to be more passionate about following the Life of Jesus and leading others to Him.” - Barbara

“I just wanted to let you know how challenged I was by your speech you gave. I find myself sitting here and evaluating how I'm spending my days, my time. Thanks for that reminder.” - Sara

“Thank you David for allowing yourself to be used by God.” - Adam

“Awesome sauce.” - Carlos