I live and work in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my lovely wife, Lori, and our three daughters Marian, Viola, and (soon to be) #3. I work at Auxiliary Advertising & Design serving as their Strategic Leader and RobinHood Ink., my Ideation Architecture firm started in 2008. I began writing my blog, JumpDavidJump.com in 2007.

I recently completed my memoir, Thank You Kung-Fu, covering the past seven years of my life when I discovered I had terminal brain cancer. This led toward a crippling divorce causing mental depression and a loss of hope. But in the end, God led me to find my perfect family and renewed purpose in my life.

I am currently seeking opportunities to share my story, "To Be Bent, Not Broken," regarding my painful past and my new beginning of starting life over again. Contact me for details.